Soul Sanctuary Men’s & Women’s Retreat

Soul Sanctuary Men’s & Women’s Retreat

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What an incredible, soul filling, recharge both of these retreats brought for all of the individuals who participated. We were honoured to hold space for the transformation with the fifteen women who joined us in breathwork, yoga, meditation, hands on healing, sound bath, sacred cacao and guided journaling. Each woman showed up with an open heart and a true willingness to release, go deep and let go; and each one left here feeling lighter, back on purpose and ready to embrace the beauty of themselves and their lives.

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The power and masculinity of the men who joined us on the Sunday was truly a powerful, deep and beautiful force that led them bravely into breathwork, a cold plunge, guided meditation with hands on healing and sacred cacao. The men dove in, embracing all that the day had to offer with a true openness to share, connect and allow the answers their souls were calling out to give. What a gift to see these men let go, embrace the masculine and feminine and come out stronger, clearer, happier and feeling fully alive.

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We have so much gratitude and excitement for the beautiful souls who joined us. The connection of the women as well as the bonding of the men was powerful, deep and meaningful. We are truly honoured to be a part of the sisterhood and brotherhood that that was formed at each retreat, and continues as we all move forward to step more fully into the path of our souls. Thank you to each and every single person who followed the nudge from the Universe and joined us in a magical day of love, joy, clarity and transformation!

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