What exactly is Reiki?

This is the number one question I get asked

So, here is a little snippet to help your brain get caught up. Keep in mind though that an explanation helps ease the mind, reiki is felt energetically. So, I liken it to explaining what it feels like to be in love. If you’ve been in love, you can draw on that feeling.

However, explaining the concept of love to someone who has never been in love, it becomes difficult in that the words cannot quite capture that feeling. Keep that in mind as you read. This explanation is for your brain to conceptualize, but the work that goes on in a session goes beyond this concept.


Reiki, in short, is a Japanese relaxation and healing modality that helps to release negative energy and input life force energy into the body and energy field. We all have baggage – things we’ve picked up by experiencing life. This “baggage” (whether it be mental, emotional, spiritual or physical), can store itself in the body if not released.

The storing of this baggage is what causes stress, pain, anxiety and often an inability to cope and move forward as our best selves. Reiki is the practice of working to release these stored experiences and feeling more energy so that life feels full and vibrant.

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What people are saying

Reiki started a shift in me. This incredible tool helped me release my anxiety, cope with intrusive thoughts and step into my beautiful life - the real kind of beauty - not the picture of beauty I was trying to show the world.