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Reiki is a holistic therapy that helps clear stored and blocked energy. It is the channeling of universal life energy into the client and this energy helps release negative energy and restore balance and clarity. As we go through life all of us encounter different stressors, anxieties and challenges that bring up all kinds of emotions – not all of them good. If we don’t find a way to release these negative emotions and energy we end up carrying them around. Carrying all this extra baggage leaves you feeling tired, anxious, angry, sore, etc. even if you don’t know why (ever woke up with a sore back and not sure why? – stored energy in likely the culprit).

It became very apparent to me after my son was born that I was storing energy in my knees. I struggled to get up from a sitting position, being on my feet for long periods of time was uncomfortable and running was absolutely out of the question. What I learned, and was able to release with Reiki, was that this is where I was carrying my worries and anxieties about being a new mom. The energy from my anxiety/worry was being stored in my knees and rather than creating a story around it “I have terrible knees”, I decided to release that energy using Reiki. My knees no longer bother me (and if they start to act up, I know I am overdue for a Reiki treatment!) because Reiki has helped me to release what no longer serves my highest and greatest good.

So what can Reiki help you with?

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress Management
  • Insomnia
  • Headaches
  • Joint and Muscle Pain
  • Feeling a sense of calm in everyday life
  • Feeling energized
  • Relaxation
  • Overall clarity
  • Reaching your full potential

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